We’re in trouble. Excessive CO2 emissions are heating up the planet. Scientists agree on this and are warning us! But we do not really experience the urgency. And the solution seems far away and complex.

We believe the solution already exists in today’s technology! We just have to put all our great minds and knowledge together. That is why we have started Joint Venture Earth.

Together we will build a small scale emission free energy system on our Ship “the Ecolution”. This system will generate, store and supply energy, heat and water, anytime, anywhere without emitting any CO2.

To put our system to the test we will sail (and motor!) 10.000 nm around the Northpole in one season. A journey that would have never been possible without global warming.

To succeed we need to generate and store 500 times the energy the capacity of a Tesla car.


MEGAWATT of energy to generate and store

CO2-free energy

The Ecolution needs to be fitted with a CO2–free propulsion mechanism and living system, in order to be able to have the ship complete the 4-months expedition.

Fast & safe routing

We will search for the fastest en safest route, north of Russia, Alaska and Canada, and west of Greenland, to have the ship reach the ice-free Atlantic ocean.

Logistic support

Organising a free passageway through territorial zones, transport of guests and materials, and securing safety of ship and crew. Preparing and accompanying of the expedition. Assisting the mission crew in solving problems underway.

Acceleration Innovation

Inspiring the public, science and the business world, in order to speed up innovations for durable energies.

We have but one “spaceship earth”…Andre Kuipers

As an astronaut, André Kuipers was touched by the beauty and vulnerability of our small planet, this little ship sailing the vast universe.

André Kuipers is the ambassador for Joint Venture Earth and the Polar Expedition.

André and other international astronauts will enjoy a number of stages, along with us.

We are hiring!

We are recruiting the smartest and most inventive student minds to help us make the next step towards a cleaner energy! Do you want to be part of our great adventure to circumnavigate the North Pole using only renewable energy? Do you want to be a part of a challenge that will prove that a 100% sustainable energy system already is possible? We are currently recruiting engineering students as part- and full-timers to achieve this objective.

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To inspire and to motivate consumers, entrepreneurs, scientists and authorities to put more work of durable kinds of energy.
By showing them that we do own the technical knowledge and abilities to even survive in the extreme conditions of the polar region, with the use of only durable energy.

From concern to action!


Philippe Tammes - Project Director

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Lucas Schroder - Expedition Leader

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Rolf Schreuder - Engagement Director

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Rob Pikkert

Expeditie partner, Foundation WAD Duurzaam

Nienke Beintema

Advisor, Arctic Science

Wim Jolles

Arctic Specialist, Canatec

Albert Keijzer

Partner, Shipbuilder


“…. It’s ironic that we had come to study the Moon and it was really discovering the Earth”

Mr Bill Anders, Apollo 8


JVE transparant

Joint Venture Earth

Joint Venture Earth, together with explorers and astronauts, is organising “clean tech” expeditions, in order to re-discover our planet. After all, astronauts, as the first and only spectators, have seen our vulnerable planet as one entity and unity, and they are now, as is in their nature, activated to restore its resilience.
Joint Venture Earth makes the assumption that we never will be able to solve these problems on our own, but that we will make the change together, for a brighter future. Actually, our existence on Earth is already one big Joint Venture!

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Joint Venture Earth

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